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You have taken the first step to ensure your wedding video is the right fit for you.

I have arranged your videos in the order of your journey:

Why Should I Have A Wedding Video?

2 minutes

Did you know that 98% of brides later regret not having a wedding video?


Five Questions To Ask A Wedding Videographer

3 minutes

These are the top 5 questions that you should ask every wedding videographer.


How To Choose A Wedding Videographer

Part 1 - 3 minutes | Part 2 - 3 minutes

In part 1 we're going to discuss some tips in searching for your ideal videographer.

In part 2 we're going to discuss some tips in collaborating with your ideal videographer.


Why Should I Hire A Professional Videographer?

5 minutes

Filming a wedding goes way beyond filming it on a phone, there are so many horror stories of brides not having a professional videographer, I'll show you what your video will look like between an amateur and a professional.



How Much Will My Wedding Video Cost?

5 minutes

Cost is always relative to value, knowing cost before value is exactly the same as knowing the cost for a kitchen renovation before you know what you are going to get. I'll personally break down how professionals determine their rates for all day coverage and bring insight into the world
behind the camera.

Thank you for taking some time to learn and discover the journey of your wedding video. I hope I was able to bring you some good knowledge and reassurance in this very important decision. I would love to have a quick chat about your amazing wedding video and see what personalized experience I can offer you!

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