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Hello to all the executive and coaching staff of the Toronto Jr. Canadiens. I'm Michael Heuthe, professional videographer and avid hockey fan. It has been a real pleasure being apart of the Toronto Jr. Canadiens team for the past six seasons, and I am looking forward to returning to the rink as soon as possible, as I'm sure you are as well!

I have been involved with the Ontario Junior Hockey League for the past 10 seasons as a videographer and streaming the game on the HockeyTV platform.

I have provided valuable video production services for:

Toronto Lakeshore Patriots 2011-2014

Toronto Jr. Canadiens 2014 to Present

Toronto Patriots 2016-2017

North York Rangers 2016-2017

I have also filmed several games/tournaments that the OJHL has hosted, plus filled in for other teams like the Stouffville Spirit, and the Georgetown Raiders.

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You will continue to receive a well rounded professional videographer who has specialized in sports broadcasting equipment with an active knowledge of the game of hockey.

You will feel reassured that I am well skilled with the HockeyTV interface, set-up of the live stream with HD and SD capabilities.

Your games will be engaging with my ability to run microphones from a play-by-play commentator and/or colour commentator which will be on the HockeyTV broadcast. Providing your viewers with a more engaging and professional hockey game experience.

You can focus on the game instead of trying to find videographers for multiple games as I am fully committed for the entire season and playoffs.



Other videographers don't understand how to film sports and deliver high quality value

Filming sports is a skill in itself, throughout my time with various teams and developing my skills as a sports videographer, you will be getting a reliable and committed team member ensuring the community of JRC and the league receive top quality video production


Other videographers only provide cookie-cutter packages

I create a custom package exclusively for you, so that you are not paying for anything that does not resonate with you, plus offering several unique


Other videographers don't have video equipment specifically designed for sports broadcasting

I believe in having the best equipment for the job, which is why I provide full broadcast quality cameras, audio and other related video equipment specifically designed for sports broadcasting


Other videographers are just offering a service, not a collaboration

I offer an experience. I will take the time to collaborate with you so that you will have that reassurance of receiving the highest quality of work



I can offer many video engagements for your players, coaches, parents, billets, fans and the community. Take a look at the possibilities below

Sample of live game action with commentator

Game In Six Highlights

Monthly Webisodes

Season Recap Video

Promo's & Social Media Posts

Playoff Series Previews

Game In Six Highlights - with 3 cameras

Player Profiles | Jeremy Smith

Player Profiles | Dylan Carter

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Below you will find three hockey video recommendations that provide the full HockeyTV experience with optional add-ons for more engagement


  • Full HockeyTV Broadcast
    - Arrival of at least 1 hour prior to puck drop
    - Full set-up of HockeyTV encoder
    - One main broadcast camera with connections to the HockeyTV encoder
    - Up to two microphones for commentators
    - Filming the entire game (including overtime)
    - Pack-up of all HockeyTV equipment
    - Troubleshooting any technical issues with HockeyTV
    - Full commitment for entire season and playoffs
    - Roster of videographer back-ups should I be unable to attend a game

  • Requests for specific clips to confirm goal scorers, assist in discipline, etc.

100 per game


  • Everything in the HockeyTV Broadcast

  • Requests for specific clips to confirm goal scorers, assist in discipline, etc.

  • Digital copy of the entire game delivered via provided USB key within 20 minutes from completion of the game to use for video coaching



120 per game


  • Everything in the HockeyTV Broadcast

  • Requests for specific clips to confirm goal scorers, assist in discipline, etc.

  • Game In Six highlight reel for each game
    - Editing all the goals, key saves, big hits and key moments into a highlight reel that can be shared online via YouTube. Highlight reel to be delivered within 24-48 hours

150 per game

As I have been with JRC for many years, I am offering an exclusive bonus offer for you:

If Offer Three is selected, I will add:

- Playoff Series Previews (for each playoff round)
A 50 dollar value free
- Up to 3 cameras for Game In Six Highlights for JRC playoff series clinching games
A 50 dollar value free

I have provided Offer Three for our past seasons

*please note these exclusive bonus offers only apply if selected for the entire season and playoffs, not on a per game basis*

I also provide several additional add-ons and features that will provide more engagement and opportunities to connect with the team and the community.

  • Digital copy of the game delivered via provided USB key within 20 minutes of the game
    20 (per game)

  • Game In Six highlight reel
    50 (per game)

  • Monthly Webisodes featuring player/coach interviews, highlights, community events, etc.
    400 (per video)

  • Season Recap video featuring all the exciting goals, saves and key moments from the season
    400 (if game in six highlights are done during the season)
    800 (if no game in six highlights are done during the season)

  • Promo's & Social Media posts
    (To be discussed on an as needed basis)

  • Playoff Series Previews
    50 per video

  • Add up to 3 cameras for multiple angles for Game In Six highlight reel
    50 per video

  • Player Profiles for college/university/scouting opportunities
    (To be discussed on an as needed basis)


Thank you for taking the time to consider my recommendations for the up-coming season of Jr. Canadiens hockey!

If you need further clarification or need anything accommodated for you, let's have a chat, and I would be happy to bring some clarity and collaborate with you so that we can work together again.

You can call me directly at 905-903-1626 or through email at

Most of these optional add-ons and features can be added at any point during the season and/or playoffs.

If you are ready to proceed, let me know and we can have a chat about what you feel is the right fit for your team and organization.

I am looking very forward to returning to the Jr. Canadiens team!

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