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Karlie and Aaron, this is all about your amazing wedding video. We

had an inspiring chat about the importance of having a wedding video and what events of the day you would like to be filmed, in which you have a clear understanding of what you would love to have.

Knowing what you would like really enhances your experience, allowing me to create a personal and unique video just for you.

Your amazing wedding will take place on Saturday December 31, 2022 at the
Deer Creek Golf & Banquet Facility, Ajax, Ontario.


We hired Michael to film and live stream our wedding ceremony. He did an amazing job. From the very beginning he has been professional. I am happy to say that he exceeded our expectations!
Phoebe and Charles


We had an engaging chat about your hopes and dreams for your amazing wedding video and you have a clear vision of what you would like your ideal wedding video to entail:

  • Having your ceremony and reception filmed

  • Having the original footage of your ceremony and speeches

  • Having the key pieces of your day shown with audio from the day

  • Want flexibility in your packages in choosing what you care about and to make sure you are not  paying for anything that does not resonate with you

  • Want to enjoy the day naturally



We intently discussed the details of our wedding day and delivered on what style of video we were going for which was an old fashioned movie style.

Cali and Adam


During our chat you let me know that you did not want a videographer that will make the video feel "cheesy". Through my natural filming style of being a 'fly-on-the-wall' you can be assured that you will enjoy your day naturally and in the moment.

In addition, the quality of work and the style on what you want is vitally important. We will have collaboration sessions where we will actively discuss your ideal wedding video while referencing similar style videos.

Your last worry is that the day will be hectic and that you will be in a cloud and won't be able to capture and remember the ceremony and reception in great detail. Taking the initiative to preserve your most important day through video is the first step, we will collaborate together on the most appropriate option so that whenever you watch your wedding video all the memories and experiences will come back and you can

re-experience that wonderful moment in both your lives.



Our family is very important to us, especially our grandparents. We had them light a candle during our ceremony and now we have that special moment forever.

Elizabeth and Bryce


Other videographers have a large deposit up front

I offer one of the lowest deposit rates in the industry and convenient and flexible payment plans, allowing you to focus on more upfront costs like your venue and to better balance your finances


Other videographers only provide cookie-cutter packages

I create a custom package exclusively for you, so that you are not paying for anything that does not resonate with you


Other videographers offer a set time that you pay for

I believe that you should enjoy your day without the worry of should you be adding more time or the fear of missing anything if your wedding is behind schedule


Other videographers are just offering a service, not a collaboration

I offer an experience. This is your wedding video. I will take the time to collaborate on what style you envision so you wont feel disappointed when you see your video


During our search for a wedding videographer, I didn't feel at ease with many of the videographers we came across. Many of them seemed to be solely interested in serving their own purposes. We are very glad we chose Michael of Ocean Fog Productions to film our ceremony. He demonstrated that he is knowledgeable about his work and is trustworthy.

Marlene and Hillman



Each wedding is unique, and thus each wedding video should also be unique. I encourage you to take some time to watch some amazing stories!


Michael captured all the moments we had wanted while paying attention to detail and timing. It's so wonderful for us to have this special moment in our lives together captured on film.

Cali and Adam



Below you will find three wedding video recommendations that are aligned with your vision. All videos will be crafted in a manner that will bring back your memories and experiences, making your venture worthwhile.


  • Ceremony filmed

  • Reception filmed

  • 2 Cameras minimum

  • 5 Minute highlight reel

  • 6 Week delivery guarantee


Let's talk about the benefits. You will have the most important moments of your day with a short highlight reel to look back on.




  • Ceremony filmed

  • Reception filmed

  • 2 Cameras minimum

  • 10 Minute highlight reel

  • 6 Week delivery guarantee

Let's talk about the benefits. This is everything you dreamed of, your entire day filmed and preserved on video. A longer highlight reel will allow more memories to be treasured.


I always display the final cost so that you can rest easy at night knowing there are no additional or hidden fees.

What you see is what you pay.


  • Ceremony filmed

  • Reception filmed

  • 2 Cameras minimum

  • 5 Minute highlight reel

  • Un-edited copy of ceremony

  • Un-edited copy of speeches

  • 6 Week delivery guarantee

Let's talk about the benefits. This is everything you dreamed of and more Having your entire un-edited copy of your ceremony and speeches allows you to relive the entire experience over again, bringing you both back to the most important day of your lives.



Michael recognized we had a specific budget and worked with us to give us exactly what we needed. He also made recommendations based on what would work best.

Nicole and Ian



Thank you for taking the time to consider my recommendations for your amazing wedding video.

We will chat about your wedding video proposal on our next call scheduled for Thursday January 13 at 3:00 p.m.

If you are ready to move forward please note a 10% deposit will be required at the time of signing the contract to secure your date with me, then no one else will be able to take it.

In order for you to manage your finances here is your payment structure:

Payment 1: 10%
due at time of signing contract


Payment 2: 35%
due one month prior to wedding date


Payment 3: 35%
due at screening of first cut (usually 3-4 weeks after the wedding)


Payment 4: 20%
due upon final delivery of video (usually 5-6 weeks after the wedding)

I would love to have the opportunity to preserve your memories


Amazing service from Michael! He worked so hard on our wedding day setting up multiple cameras and creating a high quality live stream for our guests. Excellent communication and very quick turn around.
Amanda and Dave